Eastbourne, Lewes, Seaford, Bexhill, Hailsham
Eastbourne, Hailsham, Lewes, Bexhill, Seaford



Single and Double

All shelves are removed along with bulb covers and door seals, and soaked in the specially formulated oven cleaning solution to remove all carbon and grease deposits.

After removal of all 'self clean' liners, we will deep clean behind these liners as well as deep cleaning the floor and roof of the oven to remove all grease and burnt on carbon deposits.

Doors will be removed to allow access to some of the

more difficult to reach areas, and, where possible, doors will be split to allow cleaning between the glass inner and outer panels.

Control knobs are removed to allow thorough cleaning behind these as well as cleaning the knobs themselves.

If you have any bulbs out, we can take care of those for you at the same time.

Finally everything is put back together and polished.

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